Mix patterns & textures




You know how I feel about a good ole nasty #PrintMashUp
Prints are subjective, they evoke feelings and give joy.
Print mashup allows you to create unique and one of kind looks that are exclusive to you... They tell your story.
It is the perfect opportunity for you to rework some pieces you may have in your closet w/ some dope G'wan prints. 💖
Start small: 2 colors- black n white- and add texture and if you feel add a POP of color.
Tip: FRIST use styles that you are comfortable in. Silhouettes that work for your body and you love. Pushing self is done in phases and steps... Unpoquito is key, so you are not uncomfortable.
Flex that muscle... push yourself outside of your comfort zone. I promise you, Queen, YOU WILL TURN HEADS!!!

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