Charon Richardson

“G’wan!” It’s a unique call to action, isn’t it? The phrase is an amalgamation of two words, “GO ON” with a Caribbean twang. It’s purpose is simple: G’wan encourages women to love themselves exactly as they are. Empowerment is the ultimate goal of G’wan.

One of the greatest wonders of G’wan by Charon is that it is a brand created by a woman and focused on women. The brands goal is to have women experience themselves as a part of the global fashion movement. G’wan (pronounced Gwahn) is inspired by the Caribbean patois meaning “go on” or “go ahead!” It represents the strength and independence that symbolizes womanhood.

I am passionate about the message that G’wan by Charon stands for. I started the company 2011 from my heart space. I felt unsatisfied with the fashion industry that I contributed to daily. The lack of diversity. I decided to build G’wan by Charon centered around women to allow them to celebrate their true beauty and style.

Artistic expression is a huge part of fashion and should be taken seriously regardless of what the fashion industry has become. It was important for me to create a platform that didn’t try to put women into a box. I pride myself in providing freedom of expression within my designs using prints and colors that speak to women on a deeper level above trends and seasonal color palettes. It is my belief that every woman has beauty within her, regardless of shape or size, but it is her unique style as an individual that truly brings out her radiance and ultimately creates her own style story.

G'wan welcomes you to the experience and hope that you feel these next words every time you wear a piece of G'wan. "I am Woman, I am Fearless, I am Divine."