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Patra Frock

Where Elegance Meets Edge—A Showstopper for Every Queen.

Get ready to make the earth shake with the Patra Frock in our electrifying Rumble Print. This isn't just a print; it's an attitude—a vivid explosion of bold oranges intertwined with spicy blue and classic black n white that embody the essence of confidence and audacity.

Designed to not just capture the eye but to captivate the soul, the Rumble Print is for the fearless, the fierce, and the fabulous.

The Patra Frock itself is a masterpiece in form and function, meticulously designed with ruching along the bust line and convertible ruffle sleeves. Coupled with the audacious Rumble Print, the Patra Frock doesn't just make a statement—it declares a revolution. Be bold, be beautiful, be you. This is more than fashion; this is wearable art.

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